Department of Information Technology and Marketing Innovation

Department Head Matiash Tatyana, Ph.D., Ph.D. 
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Popov V. M, ch. NS , Dr. Honored Worker of Science and Technology, State Prize in Science and Technology,
Kovalchuk V. P Chief Research Fellow, Ph.D. Senior, Profile Scopus ,  Google  Scholar. Y. Butenko
Soroka N. V, Researcher,

Main activities

  • creating information environment for decision support of sustainable farming, restoration of irrigation and drainage, water and energy consumption;;
  • creation, filling and maintenance of databases and knowledge on agro-resource potential, land reclamation and agriculture;
  • development of electronic and digital maps to visualize data in the process of decision support users of information products;
  • develop a methodology to ensure the rational use of water and energy saving expenditure on objects water systems
  • development of methods for automated control of water distribution, water and power for irrigation systems
  • creation and implementation of automated control systems, analysis and control of technological parameters of objects water systems
  • development of methodological principles of creating intellectual product;
  • scientific research potential of the Institute aspect of determining the most priority directions of scientific research, representing commercial interest;
  • development of scientific and methodical approach capitalization of research results, including: conducting patent research, the definition of scientific development, the identification of intellectual property and registration of ownership of these facilities;
  • marketing research;
  • study market conditions;
  • of advertising and information activities aimed at promoting innovative products to the market

Basic developments
• Database and information support system of agriculture
• normative and methodological base energy efficiency
• Multi-meters of water to pumping stations for electricity
• Automated control systems electro hydraulic loading and hydraulic characteristics of the pump units
• Software and hardware automation of water distribution

• scientific support and consulting services for effective management
of agriculture
• experimental calibration units pumping stations
• implementation of accounting for electricity and water
• implementation of software and hardware automation
• energy audit on objects water systems
• Analysis of pump units with frequency converters
and soft devices start

Division in recent years created and maintained:

Designed and posted on the Internet (on your own web server) site Interdepartmental thematic scientific collection “Irrigation and Water Management” at .

Effectively operate the Internet-page research networks, including Southern State Agricultural Research Station IWP&LR NAAS –   and .

Hosted developed within the task information system for the creation and transfer of innovation and investment for the development of land reclamation .

Developed guidelines for the creation and transfer of innovation and investment for the development of land reclamation.


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