Department of Water Resources


Head of the Department, Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, Senior Researcher

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Deputy Head, Head of Young Scientists Council, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences (Construction and Civil Engineering)

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Leading scientists of the Department

  • Olena VLASOVA, Chief Researcher, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Scopus
  • Dmytro SAVCHUK, Leading Researcher, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Google Scholar
  • Ruslana BOZHENKO, Researcher. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID
  • Serhii LIUTNYTSKYI, Senior Engineer. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID

The department includes a water and sanitation Laboratory:

  • Eugene MATSELYUK, Head of Laboratory, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Scopus, Google Scholar
  • Dmytro CHARNYI, Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher.Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Scopus, ResearcherID, Google Scholar
  • Serhiy STASIUK, Senior Research Fellow , Ph.D. in Technical Sciences. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, ResearcherID
  • Yurii ONANKO, Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Scopus, ResearcherID, Google Scholar
  • Vira LEVYTSKA, Senior Research Fellow , Ph.D. in Technical Sciences. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Google Scholar
  • Serhii MARYSYK, Research Fellow. Identifiers and Profiles: ORCID, Scopus
  • Andrii LEVCHUK, Research Fellow

Areas of scientific activity

The Department provides scientific support and consulting services on the efficient use of water resources, namely:

  • evaluation, forecasting of the processes of formation, use and restoration of water resources;
  • scientific justification of management decisions, information support and verification of plans for integrated water and resources potential management of territories;
  • zoning of territories by the availability, accessibility and prospective areas of water resources use;
  • determination of the mechanism of the formation of water management load, forecasting and optimization of the hydrochemical regime of surface water bodies;
  • development and scientific justification of the methodology, methods and resource-saving technology for water supply (technologies of water preparation and distribution on centralized systems) and drainage;
  • development of technologies and designs of mobile water purification plants for obtaining high-quality drinking water in the war and post-war periods;
  • justification of effective filter materials, sorbents and disinfectants in conditions of deterioration of water quality of water supply sources under the influence of climate changes and anthropogenic load on them;
  • scientific and technical cooperation with scientific institutions and organizations both in Ukraine and abroad, by conducting joint research, exchanging scientific results, conducting other mutually beneficial types of cooperation;
  • organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, meetings, round tables, discussions on the use of water resources, publication of scientific works, participation in exhibitions, etc.

The Department carries out the research under the SRP NAAS 4 “Water Safety and Land Reclamation under the Conditions of Climate Change”: – Study of the current state of surface water resources under the conditions of anthropogenic impact and climate change and the development of an information and analytical system for the use of water resources of Ukraine (2021-2025), № DR 0121U109343, – Study of the provision of territories with water resources and development of the methodological basis of its geospatial assessment for the development of irrigation (2021-2025), № DR 0121U109644, To develop the scientific and methodological foundations of integrated flood risk management in river basins (2021-2025), № DR 0121U109351, To determine the mechanism of changes in water quality in the Dnipro River basin due to climate change and develop a methodology for its use in water supply and drainage systems (2021-2025), № DR 0121U109638, Justification of optimal parameters of water purification technology for water intake from local water supply sources (2024-2025), № DR 0124U001524

Determination of the flooding area of the Irpin River floodplain by the water of the Kyiv Reservoir nearby the villages of Kozarovychi and Demydiv as of March 18, 2022, by the Sentinel-2 L2A satellite data:

Spotting the places of damage to the soil cover by sediments and an increase in the area of water bodies as a result of the detonation of the dam at the Kakhovska HPP on June 6, 2023, by the Sentinel-2 L2A images     (before detonation – June 5, 2023, and after detonation- June 18, 2023):

Technologies, constructions of buildings and materials for the prompt restoration of water supply, which was stopped as a result of the military aggression of rf against Ukraine:

The implementation of the projects (developments) of the Department is shown in economic and contractual works on:

  • scientific justification of the conditions of formation, state and processes of water resources transformation;
  • scientific justification and evaluation of the impact of economic activity on the state of water resources;
  • justification of measures for environmentally safe and efficient use of land plots;
  • scientific justification of the organization and monitoring of irrigated lands;
  • assessment and forecasting of the state and quality of surface water resources, the state and resistance of lands to the manifestations of the harmful effects of water, the dynamics of geoecological processes, water and ecological situations and risks with the use of GIS methods and mapping the latest modern technologies (GIS, remote sensing, etc.);
  • justification of the complex of anti-degradation and nature-oriented measures for the rational use and protection of water resources, control of their quality, in particular, measures to maintain and achieve a “good” state of water and measures to protect against harmful effects of water;
  • scientific justification and implementation of river basin management plans;
  • integrated flood risk management in river basins.

Cooperation was implemented through the contracts:

  • Monitoring of irrigated lands of “Granex-Cherkasy” LLC within the administrative boundaries of the Dengiv village council of the Zolotonisky district of the Cherkasy region, 2019-2023.
  • Justification of measures for ecologically safe and effective use and arrangement of the land plots of river bank areas with the cadastral numbers 3223388200.02.015.0105 and 3223388200.02.015.0108 within the boundaries of the Tsybliv territorial community of Boryspil district, Kyiv region, 2023.
  • Post-project monitoring of irrigated lands of KISHCHENTSI FRUITS LLC in the Uman district of the Cherkasy region, 2022-2023.
  • Scientific and expert evaluation on specifying the status of the water object Pleso Lomivske (former name – Moskovske Lake), located in the territory of the Amur-Nyzhniodniprovsky district of the city of Dnipro, and the size of the river bank protective strip or diversion strip along it, 2023.

Available projects (developments) offered to potential consumers:

  • Method and software for visualization of water resource potential of river basins – computer program “System of three-dimensional visualization of spatial data POTENTIAL3D” (certificate of copyright registration № 54679);
  • Methodological recommendations for drawing up and implementing plans for integrated management of water resources;
  • Pressure automated unit for additional treatment of household wastewater (utility model patent №147808);
  • Engineering protection of territory (educational manual, 2017);
  • Waterworks facility (utility model patent №125276).
  • Methodological recommendations for substantiating new methods, technologies and structures for designing local and group water supply systems.

International activity and partnership:

  1. Collaboration with the Ohio State University on US-Ukraine Alternative Energy Research Competition «Proactive Recycling of Sewage Sludge to Improve Marginal Land Quality for Sustainable Biofeedstock Production in Ukraine». Funded by CRDF Global (U.S.) & MES (Ukraine), 2021-2022.
  2. Framework Agreement on cooperation between the Bialystok University of Technology (Poland) and the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.
  3. Agreement between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation The Strengthening Capacity on the Land Degradation Neutrality Monitoring System Development: Reclamation and Drainage Land Data Collection and Mapping”, 2021-2022.
  4. Agreement on cooperation between the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture of Ukraine and the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

  Contacts: Office 304, 37, Vasylkivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03022 Department of Water Resources Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Email: Tel.: +38 044 257 89 88

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