Main activities


  • Carrying out of research, development, design, technological, search and design -search works, scientific and scientific-technical expertise;
  • information and analytical support of scientific activity, development of methods and software for scientific purposes; draft regulatory documents, recommendations and manuals for the practical use of research results;
  • carrying out works on diagnostics, standardization and certification of technological processes, equipment and materials, metrological support, information technical protection;
  • designing water management facilities, systems of water supply and drainage;
  • designing, developing, manufacturing and testing experimental samples and trial amounts of materials, substances, devices, equipment, technologies and information products;
  • training of scientific staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies, organization of advanced training courses for specialists, information and advisory activities and advisory services;
  • organization and conducting of scientific seminars, conferences, exhibitions; preparation of bibliographic, abstract and analytical reviews, references, catalogs, advertising materials and their distribution;
  • publication and distribution of scientific, scientific and technical, scientific and informational publications; economic activity not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine.

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